The Top 10 Dirty Traverse Stories of 2018

At least the ones we have public information to report on, anyways.

10. Local licensing authorities shutter daycare under questionable circumstances

9. His name is Michael Moore but he wants to pay less – Traverse City Film Festival stiffs contractor

8. 13th Circuit Court fails Robert Schwander sentencing. Again.

7. N is for Next In Line – Noelle Moeggenberg named Grand Traverse County Prosecutor

6. Local law enforcement announces they’re about to stop trying to solve Kelly Boyce hit and run death

5. Nate Alger appoints Chris Forsyth to be his own deputy after they both decided that a conflict of interest is no conflict of interest when there are multiple conflicts of interest

4. Sheriff Bensley says he can’t stop jail suicides unless you buy him a new jail

3. Scott Stephenson, Midland County Sheriff, flashes badge, name drops and pretty much everything else when he’s caught drunk driving in Kalkaska County. Jerry Cannon takes his side

2. Larry Inman gives TCAPS $700K in taxpayer funds to cover up institutional fraud

1. Deb Zerafa loses her job for doing her job

Do you agree with my Top 10? What are your Top 10 Dirty Traverse stories?

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1 thought on “The Top 10 Dirty Traverse Stories of 2018”

  1. The case on my daughter Shannon and I. We were the BIG CASE for Cooney and his Assistant Charlie Hamlin. We got Sucked in as a big big case to help with voting as it was right at that time September 2018. It started as embezzlement, they dropped it without prejudice and decided to plow us with Criminal Enterprise. Hmm imagine that. We didn’t have a clue what that was. It was a game to them because we were and are 100% innocent to this day. I fought and fought hard and they hated me for it. So we have OUR SIDE to tell and can’t find the right person or people to hear it and share it. By the way, it was a fight against the accusers of Grand Traverse Pavilions, APS Brandi Fitzgibbon and of course the turned over to State Police without our complete evidence. It was a big fight against them all, of which were in it together due to the initial breaking of the Law by a woman Social Worker at The Grand Traverse Pavilions in fear of me reporting it. This is No Joke. Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

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