“This is Just About the Kelly Document, Your Honor”

Monday, August 24, the 13th Circuit Court heard arguments about TCAPS not wanting to disclose the “Kelly document.”

So you remember when TCAPS said that they would love to release the “Kelly document” and all that was standing in between them and doing just that was the court order?

The lie detector determined that that was a lie.

Today, TCAPS petitioned the court for permission to not release the “Kelly document,” even though the 13th circuit court ordered that they do so. TCAPS argued that they would be irreparably harmed by having to release the document before they have the chance to appeal the 13th Circuit Court’s decision, which they did.

There was earlier chatter that TCAPS wanted to release the “Kelly document,” but couldn’t because the other side didn’t want to compromise on other issues. However, in the hearing today, TCAPS’ attorney clarified what we all already know – this is just about the Kelly document, your honor.

TCAPS is doing everything they can to drag it out. They waited until the last day to file the appeal. That’s just lawyer crap. Heads, they win, tails you lose. Either way, they haven’t released the document.

What could possibly be in the document that TCAPS would suffer “irreparable harm” by having to release it?!?! Inquiring minds want to know.

How old is this now? The original FOIA was made months ago. How much has TCAPS spent trying to block the release of this one document? You know, the one that’s not authored by Kelly or about Kelly, even though Judge Elsenheimer named it the “Kelly document.” TCAPS always made it sound like it was authored by someone else. They could clear all this up by just releasing it. What is in it that is so juicy we can’t just see it?

TCAPS will have to release the document eventually, probably. Hopefully, before the election. Is the election going to be a referendum on Sue Kelly and her handling of the Ann Cardon hiring and departure? Is the TCAPS reform movement organized enough to pull that off? Sound off in the comments!

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2 thoughts on ““This is Just About the Kelly Document, Your Honor””

  1. I find it interesting how easily some yell at (most of) the board for following the OMA law while ignoring that Ann Cardon has the authority to release the document but is refusing to so. Surely someone must have asked her for permission to please help end this mess. Ann Cardon asked for a closed meeting, not any of the board members, as she wanted something kept from the public. Ask a board member and they will likely tell you they look forward to and encourage the release but it is not up to them. The insurance company must pursue this appeal to protect themselves from RE attorney fees and Cardon possibly coming after TCAPS if the closed meeting documents are just released before exhaustive and annoying appeals are attempted. Maybe the question everyone should be asking is “Why won’t she release it?”

    1. Perhaps Cardon doesn’t want to be the one to release the document because the contents would be embarrassing to someone else.

      I wouldn’t release it if I were Cardon, if the above scenario is true. I’d let the process run it’s course so no one could make ME out as the “bad guy”.

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