Thursday Thoughts

Please don’t call people names. I mean if you want to call me “ultimate trash” or whatever, go for it, I find it amusing, but please lay off the name-calling of each other.

To the person who wants to contribute to the site, that’s great. I still haven’t gotten an email account going so that I can communicate with people directly, still, I would love to have contributors. There’s always some insight that someone else has. The point of the site is to help people who aren’t in the political know piece together just how much metaphorical insider trading, back-scratching, looking the other way, doing it their way instead of the right way, and self dealing goes on in public administration in the Traverse City area. I believe that transparency can pressure public officials to do better.

But dirty, you’re not transparent. I’m also not a public official.

If you want to contribute, for starters, you can figure out how to explain what happened with Dennis Mikko. I go to write an article on that and I just go how in the world do you explain…I can’t even begin…but people look for information about the guy on this site.

There’s also a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the TCAPS FOIA requests. I haven’t had time to piece it all together yet, but from what I can make of it, the TCAPS administration and board seemed very self-serving in the months before and after Ann Cardon’s arrival and departure. There’s a lot to piece together and none of it looks good for the TCAPS board and administration.

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1 thought on “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. I say keep up the good work!!!! You are doing great at exposing what a lot of us have suspected….the “good-ole-boy” network has ruined a lot of peoples lives…..Take for instance: John Clark, or the TC cop who was “passed over” for the chief position- thus giving it to the most worthless cop on the planet!……..Cooney- not much more to add to that- his past represents his future. Paul Soma! Or the “connections” between the attorney named Zimmerman and Sofferdine, Cooney, The chief, Child and Family Services, etc…………

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