Todd Ritter Case Remains In Hands of the Attorney General

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has had the Todd Ritter case in her hands for three weeks. However, her office is still silent about whether Ritter will face any criminal charges. The Attorney General has the option to assign the case to a nearby county prosecutor to handle it on a special basis, but they can also handle it themselves.

To say that the case has dragged on would be an understatement. Ritter resigned more than one year ago, on April 11, 2019. Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg held the case up for months before handing it off to Nessel’s office. Her actions don’t make sense. Moeggenberg should have considered only whether she had a conflict of interest; not the merits of the case. Whether a prosecutor has a conflict of interest in a case involving jail administrators is a thirty-second-no-brainer, or at least it should be.

Moeggenberg says that it would be a big demand to hand the case off to another local prosecutor, what with all of the executive orders in place at the moment. Huh? Executive orders? Yes, there are a bat ton of executive orders in place at the moment, but what does that have to do with county prosecutors? Does Noelle have her hands full enforcing executive orders? We have not heard of anyone being arrested or charged with violating an order in Grand Traverse County, so I don’t quite follow what she thinks local prosecutors are so burdened with enforcing executive orders. Sheriffs in Manistee, Mason, Benzie and Leelanau counties have said they are not enforcing the orders, so perhaps one of their prosecutors has time to pick up the case?

We wait for justice, here in Dirty Traverse.

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4 thoughts on “Todd Ritter Case Remains In Hands of the Attorney General”

  1. So busy…. staying at home and enjoying a long paid vacation, thanks to taxpayers.

    I know for many government employees, that is exactly what this is. My local township is closed, and employees are supposed to be working from home, and they are getting full pay. But the fact is, they are slacking. They are not returning emails, they are not returning calls.

    Sure, some government employees are working very effectively from home. But how many?

    For a couple decades in the real world, work from home often meant staying online continuously via an instant messenger application. It helps confirm your availability, if not your actual work, by monitoring the keyboard and mouse activity.

    What should happen? Partial pay, especially at the cash strapped local level. Taxpayers are getting ripped off.

    None of this explains Moegenberg’s absurd delays in the Ritter case. She should have instantly saw the perceived and outright conflicts, and punted the case. That she did not.. that speaks volumes about her judgement.

  2. I simply proves that her and her predecessor and the rest of the team are incompetent! If she gets elected it will only prove more of the same for GT County “justice”….more of the same! ANY case they send to Coony is suspect!

  3. I sent the following E-Mail to MANY 9&10News Anchors & Reporters

    NO ONE wants to follow-up on this Ritter story…….WHY NOT?

    It’s been OVER one year now & Todd Ritter was ALLOWED to simply “resign” at the rank of ‘Captain’ by your Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley and ALL the Grand Traverse County Commissioners who negotiated a very stupid “Settlement Agreement” with Ritter after EVERYTHING he’s done for many YEARS at the Grand Traverse County Jail (ON & OFF duty!!!!!!!!!!!). I filed a FOIA with the Sheriff’s Dept. and have received a copy of this “Settlement Agreement” with Captain Todd Ritter (It is shocking what they agreed to with Ritter!!!!).

    I’ve been posting on my Facebook page EVERYDAY & have made it my mission to hold former Captain Todd Ritter ACCOUNTABLE & keep his investigation in the spotlight for his horrendous actions with GT Jail FEMALE inmates & so much more while in a position of power.

    Currently, the Assistant Michigan Attorney General Danielle Hagaman-Clark (517) 335-7622 has been assigned to “review” Captain Todd Ritter’s “5-inch investigative file” that was turned over to her by the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg last March 2020. To date…..NO ACTION HAS TAKEN PLACE.

    The actual Captain Todd Ritter long-running investigation is CURRENTLY being conducted by the Michigan State Police (Cadillac MSP Post) by a Detective Sergeant Steven Arendt (231) 942-8967. I’ve been speaking with Detective Arendt by phone as I just gave him yet another victim of Captain Todd Ritter who sexually assaulted her (Unwanted Touching) in the basement of the Jail (storeroom) when she was an inmate (Laundry Trustee) in 2014. Detective Arendt has scheduled to interview her in person tomorrow Monday, June 1st.

    I seeking resolution of this long-running/delayed Todd Ritter “investigation” which has been well OVER one year now!!! Todd Ritter has NOT been held accountable for ANY of his horrendous actions while in a position of power at the local Grand Traverse County Jail.

    Thank You & please act.

    Kevin Sandvig
    (231) 342-1577

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