Todd Ritter Investigation Docs

Here’s the document dump on ousted jail captain Todd Ritter. You don’t need Facebook to read it.

Here are the highlights. They’re all allegations.

  • The whistleblowers met at GT Pie and Minervas to talk about their concerns. That’s where business goes down for the GT Sheriff’s Office.
  • Special treatment for some female inmates to clean Ritter’s office unsupervised
  • Rumors of relationships with inmates
  • Using the jail suburban for personal use (They see me rollin’)
  • An inmate was speaking up about Ritter’s personal relationship with a jail inmate. She stopped after Ritter spoke to her
  • A woman described being Ritter’s “side kick”
  • Giving an inmate with a discipline history a trustee position
  • Letting an inmate complete their Kalkaska sentence in GT despite overcrowding
  • Smoking marijuana
  • Kissing a person on probation in the government center (romantic setting if ever there was one)
  • Giving himself male and female anatomy lessons using his government-issued cell phone

What I found interesting in the report is that the investigators never ask Ritter point blank if he did the things he’s accused of. Why wouldn’t you ask that question? To avoid having to charge him because you can pretend you don’t know the answer? Seriously, what would the reason be to not ask Ritter if this stuff is all true? For some reason the investigators didn’t ask and didn’t want to ask that question. What would the reason be except to protect Ritter in some way?

Another interesting point is that the person who sent the first email didn’t send it until the new undersheriff was appointed. Perhaps they were not comfortable making the report to Alger?

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8 thoughts on “Todd Ritter Investigation Docs”

  1. Moeggenberg? Shouldn’t she recuse herself? What is she waiting on?

    Does she not see that this is too close to home? Does she not undestand that even Cooney would recuse himself when matters involved local LEO (IIRC)?

    It seems completely likely that she has a professional relationship with Alger and numerous other individuals involved in this saga, and maybe even Ritter himself.

    Or maybe GT county softpedals the case and it helps ‘everyone’ out? Ya see, that’s why she cannot handle this case. That she is even considering it speaks volumes.

  2. Repeat, after me:

    Moeggenberg? Shouldn’t she recuse herself? What is she waiting on? The statute of limitations?

  3. So when is Slow-gen-berg gonna do her freaking job?

    Can this look any more biased in favor of keeping it quiet for the county and sheriff dept?

  4. So what’s Moeggenberg’s foot-dragging excuse this month?

    Has anyone in the media asked what key statute of limitation dates apply in the case?

    Oh wait – don’t ask! She might use the question to justify another 6 month delay.

    She should recuse herself and allow an appointed prosecutor to do the job she obviously has not been able or willing to do.

  5. Come to think of it; do you think the Ritter case delay is due to concerns that Ritter will sing?

    That is to say, if indicted, that he will name names and it will expose Dirty Business?

    Isn’t that possibility, or perception, one of the many reasons why GT County™ should recuse itself from prosecuting someone who was part of the GT County™ courts and law enforcement machine?

    Someone please remind me – with whom did Mr. Ritter work or have professional relationships?

  6. So the big news out today – Moeggenberg finally punts.

    What. Took. So. Long.

    We see from the R-E reporting that the standard is actually incredibly low. How did she avoid making this trivally obvious decision much sooner? Did time need to be run off the clock, so violations could not be prosecuted? Betcha!

    Here is the standard quoted in the R-E:

    “The Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan lists petitioning the AG for a special prosecutor when there may be a perceived conflict of interest as a best practice.”

    “MAY BE”

    Do thresholds for conflicts of interest get any lower than that? Shouldn’t that have been immediately obvious to any By the Book Lawyer and Public Official?

    Why didn’t the Record Eagle ask Moeggenberg what took her so long to come to that conclusion?

    The excuse that she needed to sort out issues around witnesses who did not want their names released in public is completely specious – her obvious potential conflict renders any judgement she might make on that aspect, or any other, moot.

    The local media is terrified of asking hard questions, when they ask questions at all.

  7. Here’s a great tip for you.. And, Nessel rocks!

    You have to wonder if she would have charged anyone in the jail theft of $16,000 from inmates. Different time, different AG.

    It is apparent, now that we recently heard the ‘perception of conflict’ standard that applies, that the jail theft case should have been forwarded to the state AG.

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