Todd Ritter Investigation Goes Nowhere

In case you’ve forgotten, the Todd Ritter, Grand Traverse County Jail misconduct investigation, broke last May and then went absolutely nowhere. According to the Record Eagle, coronated Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg has had a copy of the police report since October 4.

Are there going to be charges issued? If so, why is it taking so long? If not, why not? What do you have to say to the victims if Ritter will not be held to account for his actions? What do you have to say to the public whose trust Ritter betrayed? The allegations against Ritter are like, you did whaaaat? And so far no accountability to the public whatsoever. How does that change the culture and send the message to current employees that abusing inmates is not okay? Oh right, it doesn’t.


As an aside, people, people. What did I just say about calling people names. When you name call, I have to flag your comment, and I don’t like doing that. I love comments, so please don’t call people names.

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4 thoughts on “Todd Ritter Investigation Goes Nowhere”

  1. What message does the lack of enforcement action send to other potential whistleblowers and witnesses at the jail? What message does it send to victims in the jail, about how they will be treated?

    Why hasn’t “Slow-gen-berg” recused her office from this matter? Obviously her office has and will work closely with jail staff. Historically, did that not include Ritter?

    What are the timelines for the statute of limitations in the various allegations?

  2. I’m still wondering why the turnkeys who STOLE the 16K from the inmates fund were not prosecuted!!!!
    Time to oust the entire prosecutors office staff, and take the “anointed” new judge with them!
    Prove me wrong!

    1. Interesting point about the jail fund thefts. I had not read about that.

      Why did the Record Eagle not do follow-up reporting? They could have FOIA’d the state police report but apparently did not do so, or report the findings. I don’t see it in the RE archive.

      And as they often seem to do, the GT county prosecutors office apparently went silent after the investigation. That seems so familiar.

      Given the on-going serious problems – of all sorts – at the jail, and allegations of criminal activity and further investigations, it seems entirely relevant. It could still be reported on today, and it should.

      Apparently the culture that allowed that embezzlement to go unpunished continued and may continue. Hard to believe no one else knew about it, or suspected.

      How odd that there was no internal investigation to clear the Sergeants.

      Who were the suspects identified by the MSP? Have any of them been acused of other crimes? I’m not naming names here, because I don’t know. But you know what I am asking… And it is an entirely valid question to ask.

      When this criminal activity is ignored, it can enable later criminal activity. It is the “don’t rat me out, and I won’t rat you out” protection scheme.

    2. I agree
      Everyone turned a blind eye when I caught 6 cps workers planting meth in a drug test that I was threatened into doing.
      And then removed my kids from my home as a result. Even after 3 police reports requesting a fair investigation and providing video audio and stills they did nothing. It’s on my Facebook

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