Todd Ritter Issues Statement: Clears Up Nothing At All

If there’s public information about the details of Grand Traverse County Jail Captain Todd Ritter’s resignation, I’m not aware of it. But Ritter himself issued a completely vague statement that leaves me with the same amount of confusion and a crinkled, puzzled forehead expression. Ritter says:

I want to thank you for your opportunities I have been provided, I am very sorry for letting you down. At this point, I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest if I resign effective immediately. I will make myself available and make every effort to make this as smooth as transition as possible.

Huh? What did he do to let anyone down? Who is the “you” that he refers to the statement that he’s sorry for letting down? That statement clears up nothing.

A few people have commented on this website that they support Ritter. So are there people who know what’s going on, or are those people speaking about his character in general and not about the specific circumstances surrounding his departure from the sheriff’s corrections department?

There’s still a great deal of interest on the Ritter articles on this website from computers on the Grand Traverse County network.

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1 thought on “Todd Ritter Issues Statement: Clears Up Nothing At All”

  1. The fact that he made this type of statement tells me there is something we don’t know and probably never will. GTC has a way about “concealing” information. Oh, did I just say that! Oh well. Truth has a real battle making it to the forefront but that seems to be there way of doing things here. Some day it will catch up with them. For all of us, the sooner, the better.

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