Todd Ritter: Mystery Investigation for Grand Traverse County Jail Captain

The good employees of Northern Michigan governments are trying to make sure that we have a new article every single day here on Dirty Traverse. Today there’s a vague news article about Todd Ritter, long time Grand Traverse County Jail Captain.  Oh Captain, my captain! Is our fearful trip done?

Anyways, the news just says that he’s on leave pending an investigation. So we don’t know if this is the next jail scandal or if he’s getting the Deb Zerafa treatment. Ritter has been with the department more than 20 years.

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2 thoughts on “Todd Ritter: Mystery Investigation for Grand Traverse County Jail Captain”

  1. STILL looking for that “transparency” from our so-called publicly elected Grand Traverse County Sheriff. The citizens of Grand Traverse County do ‘not’ deserve to know what transpired with your taxpayer-funded Jail Captain (Todd Ritter)….???????????

  2. Why doesn’t any of this surprise me ?? I worked at the department for 19 years and he was always shady – this is what happens in a good ol boy system where promotions had nothing to do with work ethics or qualifications .

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