Traverse City Adult Protective Services: Guardian Ad Litem Outcome Remains a Mystery

So you’ll remember the Traverse City Adult Protective Services case of Jen Rodgers and her elderly mother. Of course you do. Lots of people look at this website to find information about the case. The Northern Express reported on it a few times, but we never really found out what happened.

What’s a guardian ad litem?

A guardian ad litem is a person that’s appointed to represent the interests of a mentally incompetent person. In the case of Jen Rodgers, it was Council on Aging employee Jill Case that was appointed to represent the elderly mother’s interests.

When the court appoints a guardian ad litem, a stranger may be taking over someone’s life. That’s what happened to Jen Rodgers’ mother when the Leelanau County Court appointed Jill Case.

The crazy thing to me is that the mother had executed documents, back in better days, that stated who she wanted to be in charge if something happened to her. The Leelanau County Court just overrode it.

But you know all of this.

Is Jen Rodgers’ case the only case?

Reading the comments on the Northern Express articles, it sounds like the next METOO hashtag is going to be for people who have dealt with Adult Protective Services nightmares in Northern Michigan. Two different posters say that they lived through similar cases:

They say investigators accepted gossip and agendas as fact while moving in to take control of finances and devastate vulnerable families.

Enter stage left this woman who claims to be an attorney but uses really awful language like “before you open your mouth…”

I checked, and there is no “Ann Richardson” attorney in the Michigan Bar. Her Facebook claims to be from Nevada, and there isn’t an “Ann Richardson” attorney in Nevada either.

Ann Richardson goes on to say that “you and your friend are both mentals” and telling people that they need “psychological help.” That’s peculiar speech from an attorney. Some attorneys are out there but that seems like a bit much even for a lawyer.

Then this person comes in and does a #metoo on Jill Case:

Grand Traverse County Adult Protective Services

Would Jen Rodgers and her mother have finally gotten relief if they hadn’t gotten their case to the media? Maybe. How many more cases just like this do we never hear about? What if the case had never gotten transferred to another court? How much of this woman’s money and property is gone forever?

All I can say is that there’s some perception that APS and CPS operate in Northern Michigan with little accountability.

What happened in the Jill Case case?

So what happened with the bench warrant for Jill Case? How did that resolve? What happened to the allegedly missing property? What did APS change to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Cue the crickets:

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