New Daycare Law Points Out How Northern Michigan Is Way Off Base

We’ve been shedding some light on daycare regulations in Northern Michigan. Long story short, the daycare operators say that regulators look for any violation to cite, sanction and shutter daycare businesses throughout the region. They say that regulators do more harm than good as they shutter day-care businesses for relatively minor infractions in the midst of the Traverse City daycare crisis.

Upnorthlive reported on a new law that requires increased background checks, fingerprinting and inspections in daycare businesses.

But the article also mentions that there’s a long list of felonies that a person can have and still operate a daycare. The offenses include cruelty and torture, threatening to harm someone and aggravated stalking just to name a few. In other words, you can have a pretty sketchy background and still operate.

So if you can commit torture and still operate a daycare, aren’t Northern Michigan daycare licensing overlords being a bit melodramatic to shut down a daycare in part for not having adequate attendance records? Shouldn’t Norther Michigan regulators also consider parents who need care and the daycare operators who need their livelihood when they run to shut down daycare operations over the smallest of infractions?

The fact that you can still operate a daycare with criminal convictions that by all measures ought to be concerning is indicative of just how far off base local regulators are with the way that they enforce daycare laws. Local officials need to stop worrying about looking busy to make their stats pretty. Start enforcing daycare licensing laws as they’re meant to be enforced.┬áStop the culture of fear perpetuated by licensing officials.

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