Traverse City Mural Project Canceled

Traverse City’s plans for an Open Space mural project are off. And they’re off in more ways than one. First, because the mural should have been named Saved-By-the-Mural because it wandered out of the opening credits to Saved By the Bell. Second, because the project is literally off.

After all the hate, the project’s creator decided that he couldn’t go through with it. I feel a bit bad for the guy, because most of us only have to hear that our artwork sucks from cruel middle school art teachers. However, in defense of the public, we really don’t need anything to make the bay more beautiful than it already is.

What I don’t get is why the Traverse City Commission is spending their time on things like turning scarce parking spaces into trees and this public art project when they should be tackling real problems like actually easing parking shortages during the busy summer season and dealing with the urban sprawl that’s going to result if they keep the Airbnb floodgates open to all and sundry.

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