Traverse City’s Own Injustice: One Year And No Charges

One year ago, a group of brave Grand Traverse County employees tried to have change. They tried to have accountability. Despite the good old boys network, this group of employees told the truth about what was happening in the Grand Traverse County jail. They talked about how women were being abused. They talked about wanting better.

Then, justice didn’t happen.

It has been a year, and former Grand Traverse County Jail Administrator Todd Ritter has yet to face criminal charges for the behavior that led to his resignation. You can read the allegations here. I would describe them as salacious.

What about those victims? Where is the justice? Do their lives matter?

Grand Traverse County officials can give press conferences about peaceful protests and their commitment to justice. But until they do justice for the victims of Todd Ritter, and for our entire community, their words don’t mean a thing.

Todd Ritter, Former Grand Traverse County Jail Captain
Todd Ritter, former Grand Traverse County Jail captain in uniform in front of American flag


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2 thoughts on “Traverse City’s Own Injustice: One Year And No Charges”

  1. This all certainly runs deeper than just one man….How complicit in all this is Bensley and any part of his team or the complete “justice system” we have here in TC , if they were able to save his pension by “allowing” him that resignation? We NEGOCIATE with criminals now????? Too many cops around here over the years have “resigned”, thus holding onto a pension, all while never facing REAL charges…..

  2. “This all certainly runs deeper than just one man….”

    That may be, and it would be a huge problem. If Mr. Ritter implicates others? It would be absolute chaos.

    Especially if those others cannot be charged. Nevermind that standard would not apply to “the little people”.

    And on that basis, it defies belief that Moegenberg sat on the case for so long before punting. The perception of potential conflicts is enormous. She should have immediately recused.

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