Trial Looms for Terry Starr, Kalkaska Superintendent

Trial starts this week for accused Kalkaska Superintendent Terry Starr. Authorities say he made false reports of child abuse by sending letters to coworkers. As I’ve said before, I believe there are some issues with the prosecution’s theory of the case. I don’t believe there will be a conviction in the end. The prosecution seemed to agree on some level because they reduced the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor. The case is being heard in Antrim County.

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1 thought on “Trial Looms for Terry Starr, Kalkaska Superintendent”

  1. I’ve been following this case since it started and was there at the trial yesterday. The investigation was poorly done and Officer Porter with MSP admitted on the stand that he didn’t follow up with ANY of the possible suspects, other than Starr, that had true motive. 2+ of which were named several times by different people Porter spoke with. Porter failed to speak to more than a dozen more likely suspects. Instead Porter put blinders on and focused all his efforts on Mr Starr. The only person who thought it could be Mr Starr was the same guy (Mr Travis) who bullied Mr Starr during his years as Cherryland middle school principal. This investigation was pushed/stated by Mr Travis when he brought it to Elk Rapids police department. The more you follow this trail it becomes evident that Mr Travis appeared to be the one leading this investigation from the start. Mr Travis also was a probable candidate for the superintendent job opening up soon. Mr Travis and the board were the only ones with knowledge of the job opening soon at that time. Other things that came out so far in this trail; Porter stated he focused his investigation on Mr Starr because he used the term “bottom” in his written statement…a term that was used in the anonymous letter. This statement was after Mr Starr read the letter. The problem with that word used is Porter used the same term in his report when talking about the cheerleading stunt…does that make him a suspect as well. Additional, the term “bottom” is commonly used by school officials. Porter was also question on why he lied to Mr Starr regarding the hand writing analysis. Porter stated he told Mr Starr that the analysis proved Starr wrote the letters, when in fact it did not. Porter then stated he was just trying to get a confession or see what Starr’s reaction would be…I can’t see how that’s ethical or even legal. The prosecutor’s “smoking gun” is the handwriting analysis. Here’s the issue with that (feel free do your own research…i did), handwriting analysis is largely based on each evaluators personal interpretation and can be much different from one evaluator to another. Additionally, their own biases affect the outcome. Study’s conducted by several colleges showed roughly 52% accuracy when identifying the true author using a professional handwriting analysis. So, in a sense, you could have no training and just make a guess and get the same results. There is more to come that will shine you with this case regarding the handwriting analysis and will make anyone wonder why courts would ever want to allow a handwriting analysis as evidence. I can only hope someone holds the investigators accountable for their lack of ethics/performance and the prosecutor for wasting our taxes dollars on this case.

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