Wednesday Musings

I didn’t update yesterday because of September 11.

Musings are either a reflection or thought about an issue or the statements of a muse. I’m definitely not a muse so we’ll go with the first one.

Some of the spam comments are so sophisticated that I can’t really tell if they’re spam or not. It takes too long to explain how internet search rankings work and why anyone would want to spam this site, but they have their reasons and long story short it happens. Maybe I’ll post them and we can vote on whether they’re spam.

There was one comment earlier suggesting that a non-attorney magistrate doesn’t have the authority to make decisions. That actually isn’t true. Non-attorney magistrates have the authority to rule in certain types of cases. The question is whether they should have that authority, or whether non-attorney magistrates should hold their positions when law schools are churning out piles of graduates that need jobs and might be more credentialed for the work of a magistrate.

There are cases that have come and gone that the media doesn’t follow up on. Like Devin Wilson. What ever came of that? No idea.

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