Tuesday Updates, Stocking Stuffers

So Paul Soma gets an award for promoting music at TCAPS, while we still have no resolution to the fact that the District fudged their enrollment numbers to bilk $700K from taxpayers. The position of Soma and the TCAPS board seems to be that it’s not wrong if it’s for the greater good. Maybe Soma can set those words to music.

I think I’m going to start posting the Carol Stocking story. Correct me if I’m wrong – she’s still the court administrator despite Judges Phillips and Stepka mansplaining that she needed a special deal so that she could retire without the whole district court just grinding to a halt. When the whole Stocking thing went down in 2016, the judges said that it would take two years to find Stocking’s replacement. Of course, all they did was promote the next in line, and Stocking is still listed as the court administrator on their website, so presumably, she’s still there.

But that’s the short-short version. We’ll tell the long version.

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