Two Clare County Sheriff’s Employees Quit Over Slow Response

A Clare County sheriff Sargent and deputy chose to resign after criticism of their response time for a homicide. A few news articles don’t say how long it took them to respond to calls for help. But this source says that it took them 12 and 14 minutes, respectively, to get to the scene. The news source said that it took them (the news people) just over 4 minutes to drive to the scene from the sheriff’s department. But the cops could have gone lights & sirens and gotten there much faster than that. Another source said that the cops stopped off somewhere on the way before responding to the call.

Sheriff John Wilson is quick to point out that their response time wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome of the case. Or would it? The reports say that there were others in the home at the time of the shooting. Could the police have secured the scene sooner? Could they have lessened the panic and terror for the people in the home?

Wilson is probably just excusing why the pair aren’t being investigated for willful neglect of duty. It seems like it would be a clear case for that criminal charge, since the police have a duty to respond to emergency calls. But it sounds like Wilson isn’t going to let that happen.

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1 thought on “Two Clare County Sheriff’s Employees Quit Over Slow Response”

  1. Doesn’t matter if they quit, resigned, got fired, etc….the real question is WHICH DEPT are they at now….able to continue with their own idea of what law enforcement really is…..

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