Update on the Jill Case Case

You’ll recall we talked about the Jill Case guardian ad litem situation. The Reader’s Digest summary is that an incompetent and vindictive guardian ad litem cut an elderly woman off from her primary family support, her daughter, and the judge overseeing the case epically failed to do his job well, so the elderly woman was cut off from her daughter for a really long time with no legal basis for it.

The attention that we’ve given to the Jill Case guardian ad litem case gained a lot of attention including some hits from computers on Grand Traverse County servers.

We now have an update from someone we believe to be the daughter involved. She writes:

“The good news is Jill Case got fired. I didn’t realize that so many of her colleagues found her behavior bullying which is exactly what I encountered. After many court dates my position was reinstated as co-guardian. Judge Stanton and the State of Michigan removed all the players in my mother’s life that caused so much pain and cruelty including Adult Protective Services caseworker. It was also stated that the state was removing Jill Case from all wards. Honestly she is the meanest cruelest person I have ever come across and should never be in position to affect another person. I will never understand how Jill was not prosecuted….My mother who is the one that got the short stick. Please feel free to move this comment to other posts.”

My comments: According to the daughter, Jill Case is no longer serving as a guardian in any case. While that’s great, it doesn’t undo the harm that happened to this elderly woman.

The judge’s failures in Leelanau County are a problem. Too often, judges just take the word of law enforcement, in this case, Adult Protective Services. And as Judge Stepka wants us all to know, there are three branches of government. When judges just take the word of law enforcement and demean everyone else in the process, they’re not doing their jobs. I don’t know what the Leelanau judge’s demeanor was to the litigants, but judge demeanor to disfavored litigants is a serious problem in Northern Michigan (and likely the rest of the country). I’ve seen it plenty of times. The judges don’t seem to care that they’re undermining their own justice system one citizen at a time.

As to why Case was not prosecuted, I understand but I don’t understand. As Grand Traverse County Prosecutor, Bob Cooney went out of his way not to charge one of his own. Law enforcement officials protect each other. There’s even a name for it. They call it “law enforcement courtesy.” My perception is that charges against the insiders in Grand Traverse only happen when the case becomes public and they can’t possibly think of a way to deflect public perception. Otherwise, law enforcement courtesy rules the day, in my opinion.

The elderly mother likely has a valid civil claim against Jill Case for breach of fiduciary duty. Breach of fiduciary duty occurs when a person has a legal duty to act in the best interests of another person and doesn’t.

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6 thoughts on “Update on the Jill Case Case”

  1. I should correct myself and Grand Traverse taxpayers should be asking more questions.
    From information I recieved today, Jill Case was not fired but conveniently went into retirement in December.
    I can only assume they decided she was a liability. Much of her time during my mother’s abduction and communication were spent on COA’s time and letterhead. Grand Traverse may be on the hook for that. Also, we as a family we have full intentions of pursuing all players in this debacle in a civil court.
    I thank you again for support and exposure to this situation.
    Yes, I agree it feels that everyone once exposed and admonished by the court just got to walk away and they did.

    Jennifer Rodgers

  2. Grand Traverse County Govt.one day will collapse with the biggest scandal of corruption due to “law enforcement courtesy. So sick of their you pat my back and I’ll pay yours” way of operation. It’s sickening. This Jill Case was a sick bird. I think EVIL would cover it well. She may be sitting low now but her time is coming. The damage and cruelty she has caused will one day come back and haunt her. Then justice will have it’s turn with her. I honestly don’t know how she sleeps at night.

  3. She is a BULLY! Glad she’s out of the COA, she caused MANY people undo stress. I certainly have a happier husband 🙂 Yes, justice needs to be had for the victims of this crime. I would imagine, standing room only in the court room of her trial.

  4. Its so sad that the COA lost so many great employees from one bully!!! We endured a lot, … and im sure there were many there still when she left. Words cannot describe her and her actions. I reach out and feel the painand anguish of all the victoms, and there families. And yes Kelly, justice needs to be had . And Im sure standing room only!! And id be the first one there !

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