We’ll talk about jail hepatitis another day (as if there aren’t already enough things going on in that jail, now they have to worry about hepatitis, too?), but today we’ll do some FAQs:

1. Why don’t you auto approve comments? The main reason is that I get about 15 spam comments for every real comment. Also, I think we can have a robust discussion about government behavior without name calling.

2. Can I put your content on my blog? Yes, please do. Take an entire article if you want, just link and attribute. I’m glad you like my content. I’ll try to write more stuff that’s blog worthy.

3. Can I hire you to write content for my blog? That’s a flattering question, but no. I don’t have a way for you to pay me. But see question #2.

4. Where did you get your photoshop skillz? You will never photoshop like I photoshop. Don’t even try to compete.

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