Wayne Schmidt Week – The Record Eagle Wants You to Think That Wayne Schmidt’s Opponent is a Buffoon

Wayne Schmidt has an opponent in the upcoming election for State Senate – 37th District. The challenger is Jim Gurr.

And the Record Eagle wants you to think that Jim Gurr wants to do away with public schools. They paint a rosy picture of Proposal A’s school funding mechanism, and they paint a terrifying picture of Gurr for wanting to do away with it.

So let me explain Proposal A as best I can. The plan was to narrow the gap between rich and poor school districts by funding public schools through state taxes instead of local property taxes. Unfortunately, the law required the state to fund the rich districts at higher levels than the poor districts. The gap has never been closed. In addition, the schools can still ask the local taxpayers to fund whatever they want to build, like state-of-the-art performing arts centers that are proposed to cost millions of dollars in the middle of a recession.

So Gurr has a point.

But the Record Eagle makes it sound like he wants to do away with brick-and-mortar public education tomorrow.

Other things the Record Eagle wants you to be afraid of — They imply that Gurr wants to:

  • divert funds from Traverse City
  • restrict breweries
  • restrict wineries
  • restrict casinos

Does he though?

His own website says that he feels local schools are being short changed. Gurr spent his working years as public school teacher. He can’t possibly hate public schools that much.

He also complains that incumbent Schmidt has voted for several tax increases. Well, he has. And more than once.

And Gurr has college degrees. Real ones, where we know what they mean and stuff.

The author of the Record Eagle article is a guy named Jordan Travis. If you look at Jordan Travis’ Facebook, he’s not exactly politically neutral:

If you need confirmation that it’s his Facebook page, here’s this:

So the Record Eagle in all their glory wants me to take the word of someone who calls Fox News viewers “deranged dumbfucks” that Jim Gurr hates public schools, beer and wineries. Yeah, I don’t think I will.

Maybe Gurr can tell us what kind of a student Schmidt was.

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