Wayne Schmidt Week

I’m declaring it Wayne Schmidt Week on dirtytraverse.com. Mostly because my car insurance bill came recently, and I have Wayne to thank for it.

That’s because Wayne voted against auto insurance reforms — reforms that would have given you more choice and maybe moved Michigan out of the lead for worst auto insurance rates in the country.

So let’s follow the money.

You don’t have to dig very deep to find out why Wayne voted the way that he did. Here’s a list of insurance companies that are lining his pockets. The list of dutiful donors includes: Blue Cross, Delta Dental, the Michigan Health and Hospital Association, the Michigan Chiropractic Society and many other health and health-insurance related companies make the list. Some of the donations come through this group called Moving Michigan Forward, but if you look at who they are, it’s the same insurance companies and other special interests.

I’m not quite sure how the Moving Michigan Forward group is affiliated with Public Affairs Associates, but PAA is promoting a Moving Michigan Forward event in big and bold print on their website, and PAA makes no mistake about it that they’re big lobbyists who get the job done for corporate interests¬†by greasing the wheels with politicians who vote.

And no, the insurance companies and health-care providers that want to keep profiting off your $$ do not have your best interests¬†at heart. The more the insurance companies have to pay out in benefits, the more the health-care providers rake it in. In turn, they pass those expenses on to you. Wayne Schmidt has been paid to keep the gravy train going. Most voters probably have no idea the extent to which they’ve been sold out to corporate interests. The Wayne Schmidts of the world likely find the Justin Amash and Ray Franz types threatening to their ecosystem.

More to come.

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