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There’s not much going on at the moment. It’s that pre-Christmas everyone’s too busy and cold to either be doing stuff  they shouldn’t do or reporting on stuff other people have done, so I don’t have much to talk about. But we can do County Commission Comics again soon. The lame duck luau that is the Grand Traverse County Commission has a couple more weeks to go.

So with nothing else to talk about, we can talk about website stats. That’s always fun. There have been 83 users that have accessed the site from county servers. 83. That’s not total sessions, that’s users that have come to the site from county networks. The most popular pages among county network computers are anything to do with the courts, the TC Dirt page, Nathan Alger, Tammi Rodgers and the Animal Control controversy.

I haven’t been updating the Traverse City Dirt page because I’ve found that most people arrive at the site through organic searching. They put in their search terms into a search engine like Google rather than arriving at the index page and then clicking through to what they’re looking for. So it’s just not the best use of time to be updating that page even though I’ll try to keep the biggest cases up on that page. I still have a few dirt articles that I haven’t put up on the website yet.


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