West Side Community Church Doesn’t Make It Easy to Find Information

West Side Community Church posts their sermons online. However, they’re not providing the same transparency for people looking for information about the results of their recent embezzlement investigation. They did not post a video of their “family meeting” online, and they have not made a public statement. That’s not fully offering information for victims who may not have been able to travel to church, or who may no longer live in the area. Is protecting the public image more important than a victim’s right to know?

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3 thoughts on “West Side Community Church Doesn’t Make It Easy to Find Information”

  1. What are they hiding? Who was their auditor?

    Remember that this is also a tax exempt organization. As such it is subsidized by every one of us.

    So those of us who have subsidized this church (and countless others) for years with our tax payments would also like to know.

    Were there audits? Are audits of tax exempt organizations public?

  2. There are certain IRS reporting requirements for “any unauthorized conversion or use of the organization’s assets other than for the organization’s authorized purposes, including but not limited to embezzlement or theft.” These organizations are required to publicly disclose any embezzlement or theft that is a “significant” diversion of assets (unsure of the current threshold but it sounds like this case involves reporting). There are state-level reporting requirements as well. If they can hang on to their non-profit status, they surely have an audit in their near future. They sure didn’t have checks and balances – never should’ve happened.

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