What I Want for Christmas

As you head out for your holiday shopping, I thought you all could keep me in mind here at Dirty. Here is my 2019 Christmas list:

1. An invite to the Carol Stocking retirement party

Carol Stocking and Michael Stepka explain to the County Commission that Carol Stocking is going to retire…Oh wait…

2. Donations to the Larry Inman commissary fund

3. Sue Kelly to say 3 nice things about Erica Moon Mohr. Okay one nice thing.

4. A copy of the constitution to regift to Sheriff Bensley

5. Coupon for the TCAPS homeschool partnership accountant to do my taxes

6. A microwave full of money

7. A restaurant in Kalkaska to start selling a cocktail called the “Midland.”

8. University of Michigan football tickets from Michael J. Haley

86th District Court: Home of Non-Attorney Magistrate Tammi Rodgers

9. Admissions to the Wayne Schmidt weekends in “college” program.

10. A copy of Michael Moore’s latest book, Fashion and Fitness for the Discerning Northern Michigander.


What’s on your Christmas list?

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