What Sentence Did Ryan Gubbins Receive?

One of our readers asked, What sentence did Ryan Gubbins receive?

Ryan Gubbins was convicted of helping a probationer cheat a drug test. He owned a local drug testing company.

According to the 13th Circuit Court records, he appears to have gotten 6 months in jail and court costs.

The Northern Express article had opinions from several people stating that the offense appeared to be an isolated incident. Of course that’s what they would say. How can they be so sure?

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1 thought on “What Sentence Did Ryan Gubbins Receive?”

  1. Thanks for digging that up. The Northern’s coverage on it was pretty good.

    Obstruction of justice. For what was apparently a criminal scheme to falsify court records, possibly in exchange for something, on an on-going basis. The NE did not clarify how long this scheme went on.

    While 6 mos is not insignificant, he got off easy, given his trusted role, in which the judge ruled he was an ‘agent of the court’. Seems he could have been charged with additional counts of fraud, and forgery. If the papers were transmitted electronically, then wire fraud. In a lot of cases they like to pile on the charges, but I guess not this time?

    I wonder who the woman was? Was she really a victim, or was she a co-conspirator? Did she sign any sheets after the fact?

    But.. did you notice? I am surprised you did not mention it. No PROB. No COMM CORR. The thing that everyone gets – probation – he did not get. Seriously? Howszat?

    One can only imagine the potential money or favors from wealthy or connected who do not wish to be tested or even bother to show up..

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