Whatever Happened to Larry Inman?

The jury hung on Larry Inman’s bribery charges, and the prosecutor vowed to try him again. Then COVID happened, and we forgot all about it.

As of right now, the case is still pending. The parties filed briefs that the judge wanted about whether they could/should retry the case. There is no double jeopardy issue. The judge is making that up, and like any good government appointee, he seems naturally skeptical of the charges against someone else sucking off the government’s pacifier.

For their brief, the U.S. government says that Inman doesn’t dispute that there is no double jeopardy issue. The issue is whether the jury effectively acquitted Inman of all the counts when they acquitted him of one count. The charge they acquitted him on was lying to the FBI. Of course, you can solicit bribes for votes without lying to the FBI about it. The lying part is the extra step. The FBI charge required knowing intent to lie, and that’s a few more steps than is required to solicit the bribes in the first place.

In the meantime, what is Larry Inman doing for his constituents? What does he have to say about COVID? Race issues in Grand Traverse County? The cop camera controversy? The failing school budget and the Homeschool Partnership fraud that has yet to play out? If he’s still our state rep, he should be out reppin’.

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7 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Larry Inman?”

  1. Inman has lost his committee assignments and has been booted from the Repub caucus. His office has been taken over by the House Business Office (who is trying to provide some services to residents). He has also stopped showing up to House session in order to cast votes. In other words, the residents of Grand Traverse County have no one representing them via votes and no one to assist as needs arise – such has when residents need help dealing with governmental service issues. Nice.

  2. I heard he was in training to be a participant on the next ‘Masked Singer’ he’s going as ‘The Weasel’.
    He’ll be singing The Verves ‘The Drugs Don’t Work Anymore’.

  3. GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich., (WPBN/WGTU) – -The man accused of threatening a Grand Traverse County Meijer employee over the mask mandate has been formally charged.

    Ken Inman, 39 of Kalkaska, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon on Thursday.

    Investigators said Inman threatened an employee at the Meijer in Acme Township with a knife after he was told to wear a mask while inside the store.

    Inman was arrested for the incident on Wednesday.

    According to court records, Inman is now also banned from going to Meijer.

    He is due back in court on August 6.

    My don’t the Inman klan feel entitled.

    I’m sick these knuckle dragging neanderthals with their GED’s thinking they’re experts on something as complex as infectious diseases and virology.

    The other day the USA hit 1000 deaths in one day because of these cretins.
    They don’t even have a clue on how the law and rights work. They whine “It’s my constitution right not to wear a mask” Fine Borat, but it’s also a business’s right to deny you service if you don’t wear a mask.

    1. Is he really related to Larry?

      When he gets out, he should try going into a store naked. See how that works out.

      Case #203911FY1 DOB 02/09/1981

  4. Inman update. Jonker is still flapping his Jonker. He seems prejudiced. I really wish this would get assigned to a different judge.

    A federal judge has “serious questions” about whether federal prosecutors could successfully convict a Michigan Republican lawmaker if they were to retry him on bribery and extortion charges.

    Michigan’s Western District Judge Robert Jonker on Friday questioned “whether the evidence in this case is sufficient to sustain a conviction” on charges that state Rep. Larry Inman, R-Williamsburg, solicited a bribe and attempted to extort a union lobbyist.


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