Who Appoints the Prosecutor if the Prosecutor Wins Judge?

So since Paul Jarboe doesn’t appear to be taking the 86th District Court Judge election seriously, we’ve got to start wondering about what’s going to happen if Bob Cooney wins. Other than that we get another two decades of the-police-are-always-right-don’t-ask-questions-or-confuse-me-with-your-due-process-facts-and-law justice in Grand Traverse County. The next question is, who fills the vacant seat in the prosecutor’s office?

That copied kind of small, so let me quote you the relevant part:

“If the vacancy is in the office of county clerk or prosecuting attorney, it shall be filled by appointment by the judge or judges of that judicial circuit.”

So if…scratch that when…sigh…there’s a vacancy in the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office, it’s up to Judge Power and Judge Elsenheimer to appoint the next prosecutor. Which will inevitably be the next person in line.

It’s Halloween month after all. Spooky.

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