Yes, the Secretary of State is Selling Your Information

Upnorthlive did the FOIA work to get more information about the Secretary of State selling your driver’s license information for a profit.

And yeah, that’s what’s happening. Marketing agencies and data brokers are on the list of companies and organizations that are getting your information.

The Driver Privacy Protection Act allows the state to sell your information for only limited reasons. (MCL 257.40b MCL 257.307 and 257.208c).

Here are examples of legit reasons:

You applied for a job that requires a drivers license. Your employer requests your record to verify that you have one.

The police want to charge you with driving without a license. So they pull your driving record in order to have evidence that you don’t have a valid license.

You buy car insurance. The car insurance company gets your record to see what kind of a risk you are based on your driving history.

An academic wants to compile statistics on driving behavior.

Here are not legit reasons:

Someone wants to send you marketing junk, and the state sees a way to make money off your information.

So yeah. How do you police it when the state won’t follow its own laws? Institute financial penalties that cost the Secretary of State twice the profit each time they’re caught selling the info for an impermissible purpose? Budgeting actions that reduce their operational funds until they can learn to behave? Create a private cause of action to allow victims to sue the private entities who request information for an impermissible purpose and then send marketing junk?

This would be a job for Larry Inman if he weren’t busy.

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  1. Larry is probably busy holding town howl meetings. Or searching for Amelia Earhart trinkets.
    Where does he spend his time if he is locked out of office? Why haven’t we seen a cartoon of that?

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